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As Resident Conductor

​・Nexus Brass Band (Since 2014)

・Riverside British Brass (Since 2014)
Brass Eternally (Since 2022)

AS The Chairman of the mass band 

・Tokyo Brass Band Festa (Since 2014)

As Guest Conductor

・Hamamatsu Brass Band
・Pastel Brass Band
Brass Band Camellia

​・Brass Band Tokai
​・Brass BAnd Leo(獅子座)

As Rehearsal Conductor
・Brass Band TSB
​・Fukuoka Flourish Brass
​・Brisbane Excelsior Band (Australia)

​The incredibles / Nexus brass band

A Tale as yet untold / Immortal Brass Eternally

Highland Cathedral / Hamamatsu brass band & Fukuoka Flourish brass

The essence of time / Immortal brass eternally

Dragon Fly / Immortal brass eternally

Valaisia VAriants / Nexus Brass BAnd

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